Board of Directors

Agus Subekti

President Director
Started his career at Bank Permata (d/h Bank Universal), primarily in the credit area for 14 years, then continued as a consultant and lecturer in several banking consulting companies for 3 years.

In 2012 he joined PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia to lead the development of SME rating and also lead the establishment of a subsidiary, PT Pefindo Biro Kredit. After the company was established, it was continued to lead various activities including company operations readiness, data and product development, marketing and member services.

On November 17, 2021, he was approved by OJK to be appointed as President Director of PT Kredit Biro Indonesia Jaya.

Rawuh Ivan Irawan (Ivan)

Director of Information Technology

Has 9 years of experience in banking, especially in banking operations, compliance and information technology when he joined Bank Universal (now Bank Permata), followed by joining Bank Tugu to lead application development, supporting the conversion project to Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia (now Bank Mega Syariah).

His experience and knowledge in the field of information technology was earned when he joined one of the core banking system solution provider companies that manages applications for 12 regional development banks throughout Indonesia. With another information technology company he led the design of digital campaign solutions for corporations/enterprises, building products for Internet-based banking transactions. He also led the development of Apex BPR (Rural Banks) information technology to be implemented on one of the Indonesia private banks.

In the field of enterprise information technology solutions, experience is gained when joining one of the largest system integrator companies in Indonesia as a senior manager with the task of designing, developing, implementing and maintaining enterprise information technology solutions for financial service institutions and government institutions. The last career in a solution provider company was trusted to serve as a director with main responsibility to design, develop, deliver/implement, and lead project management of information technology solutions for government and the public sector. In total, his experience in information technology solutions has reached more than 16 years until November 17, 2021, he was approved by OJK to be appointed as Director of Information Technology at PT Kredit Biro Indonesia Jaya.

Ivan held a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta with Cum Laude and is actively developing competencies in information technology from various courses conducted by many world class universities.

Anton K Adiwibowo

Director of Business and Services

Has working experience for more than 19 years, where in the last 3,5 years, he spent his career in sales, business development, partnership and product development of digital solutions and alternate credit score at senior management position as Managing Director at Eureka Analytics Indonesia and Vice President Risk and Business Development at Trusting Social Indonesia, both are Fintech Big Data Analytics companies which recorded at OJK Digital Financial Innovation.

Prior to working in Fintech space, he has more than 16 years working experiences in banking and consumer financing. Started his career in credit analysis and operations, then developed to sales management, partnership, as well as business development at several financial institutions, such as Bank Danamon, HSBC, ABN-Amro Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank ANZ Indonesia and Bank QNB Indonesia.

On November 17, 2021, he was approved by OJK to be appointed as Director of Business and Services for PT Kredit Biro Indonesia Jaya.