Credit Report consists of your credit payment history combined from different credit providers and would be used by lenders to check your credit worthiness prior to making a lending decision. 

KBIJ obtains its credit information mainly from Sistem Informasi Debitur (SID) that is managed by Bank Indonesia and OJK. Gradually, KBIJ will work hand in hand with other third party data providers, credit grantors and government agencies to obtain other credit-related information to provide a more comprehensive credit report.

Regular review on your credit report will allow you to be aware of information that is uploaded onto your credit profile and would also assist in protecting your personal details against possible fraudulent use to obtain credit. By reviewing a credit report, lenders would be able to evaluate risk more appropriately and thus making a faster and more objective lending decision.

NO. KBIJ does not provide recommendations or opinions on whether credit should or should not be granted. It will only provide credit information in the form of a report. The decision to grant or reject a loan application lies solely with the credit providers / lenders.

Only Financial institutions who are members can obtain a credit report, provided consent has been provided by the customer. An individual may obtain his own credit report or represented by another party with a power of attorney.

Members of KBIJ who currently supply data to SID are not required to supply into KBIJ. However, members who are not supplying to SID are required to supply their credit information into KBIJ in order to maintain the reciprocity principle.

According to Bank Indonesia’s regulation number 15/I/PBI/2013 Article 58 Clause 3, every Indonesian citizen is entitled to obtain 1 free credit report annually.

To obtain a credit report simply visit our Bureau Office with your valid identification documents such as KTP, Passport, Driving License, etc for the identity verification process and you will be asked to complete an application form to proceed with your enquiry. If you are representing someone else to obtain their credit report, a power of attorney is needed along with identification documents of both parties.

Currently KBIJ will only cater credit report enquiries by walk-ins into our Bureau Office during operational hours.

You will receive your credit report almost immediately after the identity verification process is completed.

You can talk to our office representative at 021-5747435-37 or email to to further discuss the membership procedure.

You can talk to our office representative at 021-5747435-37 or email to to get assistance in resolving the issue.