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Understanding Credit

Credit is an integral part of everyday modern life. From buying movie tickets, to paying for a meal at a restaurant or buying a car, credit is used. The most common use of credit is through credit cards. Knowing how to use credit wisely is a critical part of managing your finances and key to your financial health.

Understanding Your credit report

The credit report will include both summary and detailed report of all the loans and credit facilities that are related to you, including your repayment history which indicates whether you had repaid your loans in a timely manner.

Obtain Your Credit Report

To get your own credit report, you can simply visit our Head office during normal operational hours.


  • A valid identification document (KTP, Passport, Driving License, etc.) for identity verification process
  • Fill out an application form that will be given by our representative
  • A power of attorney and valid identification documents of both parties if you are representing someone else to get their credit report 

Please contact our representative at 021-5747435-37 should you require further assistance on this matter.

Dispute Settlement

Several reasons why discrepancy may occur are error during data entry when financial institutions submit data to SID, technical errors and etc. Disputes are then raised to resolve the discrepancies. Disputes may be raised against inaccurate personal information, inaccurate credit profile history or inaccurate public information. KBIJ will assist if there are discrepancies in your credit report by passing it onto the respective member and then to the authority.

How does the dispute resolution process works?

  • Visit KBIJ office during normal operational hours with a valid identification documents for verification purposes.
  • Obtain a dispute handling form
  • Complete the dispute handling form and supply a copy of your credit report with the incorrect information highlighted. Additional documents to support your claim should also be supplied to expedite the process.
  • KBIJ will then conduct an investigation and forward the dispute/s to relevant institutions and the authority for further necessary actions.
  • KBIJ will inform you on the resolution of your dispute within the next 20 working days the latest.

For further information on KBIJ’s dispute resolution process, you may contact us at 0215747435-37 or at