Why choose us

PT. Kredit Biro Indonesia Jaya provides a wide range of products and services tailored to complement our members’ credit policies in making well-informed business decisions as well as to enhance our members’ risk assessment capabilities.

Product Highlights

Consumer Credit Report

A detailed breakdown of loans, performance and credit exposure available in a simple easy-to-understand report that quickly assists credit grantors in making informed and profitable loan decisions.

Portfolio Monitoring

A powerful tool for tracking the performance and credit health of customers and loan portfolio. It also serves as the perfect early warning system to alert and notify credit grantors of changes in customer credit behaviour.

Analytics Report

Assess individual portfolio performances against the market average using our powerful benchmarking tools, including statistical reports to provide insight on demographic, geographic, market average growth and performance data.

Credit Scoring

Improves lending decisions within a shorter time-frame and at a lower cost. It can be used to enhance the credit grantor’s internal risk management policy and procedure. A credit score can be used throughout the credit grantor’s customer life cycle, f